razer-comms-androidRazer is a company that has more or less established itself as one of the premier names when it comes to all things gaming, especially peripherals. Still, this does not mean that they are found to be absolutely wanting when it comes to the software department, which is why the announcement of Razer Comms is such a big deal. What makes Razer Comms so special? It happens to be the first VoIP solution in the world that enables gamers to make VoIP calls and messages from in-game to Android phones and tablets, as well as vice versa.

Of course, in order for those who are gaming and want to make a VoIP call to Android-powered smartphones will first need to have the Razer Comms PC client installed. Forget about Alt-Tab, that particular keystroke combo can now be relegated to history when you are gaming, since you are now able to make calls to your friends in-game. Not only that, you can also reply to text messages or reject calls from your Android smartphones within the PC client itself, which more or less translates to doing away with the need to check your smartphones occasionally just in case there is something urgent for you to attend to. While right now, the Razer Comms is compatible with Android phones and tablets only, we do know that Razer is working on an iOS version of Razer Comms that is scheduled for an early 2014 release tentatively. [Press Release]

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