Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gets Rose Gold Edition

gsnote3-rose-goldThe gold iPhone 5s has proven to be quite the best seller ever since it was introduced, and this goes to say something about folks’ tastes in design and colors, doesn’t it? Samsung must have caught on pretty quickly here, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be yet another smartphone that hooks up with the rest of the golden posse, where it will soon arrive in shades of Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold White.

These two color variants will also be complemented by a stylish golden finish that will go all around their sides, not to mention having gold accents sparkling on the handset’s back as well as front. These models have been specially designed to look stunning whether it is a standalone device, or if you happen to use it with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch – yep, you’ve guessed it, where it will arrive in a Rose Gold edition as well. Apart from all of that golden goodness, there is also a Merlot Red Samsung Galaxy Note 3 variant which will be thrown into the mix. Expect the Rose Gold edition to arrive in China later this month, which is no surprise there. A Stateside release remains to be confirmed. [Press Release]

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