Samsung announced the HomeSync earlier this year but it didn’t immediately reveal the pricing and availability details. It then dropped off the radar before appearing on Samsung’s website back in August. Finally in October Samsung started shipping the $299 HomeSync in the U.S. Through the device users can sync content to their TVs using the Korean manufacturer’s mobile devices. Samsung has announced that it is removing this restriction and opening up HomeSync to Android devices from other OEMs.

Packing a 1.7GHz quadcore processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB flash storage and 1TB hard drive, the HomeSync is much powerful than your average set-top box. HDMI, USB 3.0, microUSB and support for standard audio and video codecs is present. Users also have full access to the Google Play Store, Samsung Apps, Media Hub, Video Hub and YouTube. Those who don’t to stream content can store it on the 1TB HDD, now all these features have been opened up to non-Samsung Android powered devices. The app is available right now through Google Play Store, however only a handful of Android devices from other manufacturers are supported at this point in time. It may take some time before HomeSync becomes compatible with all devices, regardless of their position in the global smartphone market.

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