It has already been said multiple times that Samsung is going to focus a lot more on tablets next year. The company is expected to release multiple large tablets, as large as 12.2 and 13.3 inches. These tablets are believed to enter mass production later this month, with release expected in early 2014. The latest rumors coming in from Korea suggest that Samsung is planning to adopt metal mesh touch screen panels for its tablets, and that it has already started testing a few panels and aims to complete reliability tests by the end of this month.

Since metal mesh panels have low surface resistance, they bend easily and can be used for flexible displays in tablets. They are also cheaper to produce. These panels would also enable Samsung to bring much better stylus support without needing a dedicated digitizer for deciphering stylus actions. What this means is that the metal mesh panels will allow Samsung to integrate better stylus support in almost all of its tablets, not just the premium models. Eliminating the need for a dedicated digitizer would further reduce costs. Another recent rumor suggests that Samsung might bring back AMOLED displays for tablets next year, but so far the company hasn’t confirmed anything about its tablet plans for next year.

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