Sony might be on to something here, having “reinvented” the Christmas tree for it to be more useful in the living room other than being a canopy for carefully wrapped presents each year. Of course, it would be a whole lot better to reinvent the Christmas tree rather than the wheel, don’t you think so? We aren’t even talking about a virtual tree, but an actual live one that has been outfitted with a smart tag. With the inclusion of a smart tag, one will be able to use the wonders of NFC technology in order to alter the color of the light on the Christmas tree via an app that has been installed on your (preferably) Sony smartphone. Apart from that, cleverly hidden speakers within the tree will be able to play back your favorite Yuletide tunes to get into the mood of the holiday season.

Unfortunately, this special NFC tree, so to speak, cannot be purchased anywhere, but if you happen to reside in the UK, you will be able to pick it up as part of the Japanese OEM’s Facebook contest, #UpgradeMyTree. Other than the tree itself, you would also be in the running for a Sony Xperia Z and a bunch of Bluetooth connected accessories.

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