Steam Machine Box Arrives In Wooden Crate

steam-test-machineIt was over the weekend that we brought you word that the SteamOS Public Beta version from Valve had been released, and earlier this month, we also mentioned how Steam Machines were being shipped to 300 beta testers before the middle of December arrived What you see above is one of the images that a Steam Machine box owner had captured, where a certain “SteamMachineBetaTester” Tumblr and Reddit user Colbehr have already made sure that the world is aware of their respective Steam Machine unboxings. Nothing surprising was revealed this time around, as a similar form factor showed up, coming packed in a wooden crate.

Valve did make one change, however, as they drilled out a hole in every single test unit’s ventilation grates, which would be a representative blemish to set it apart as such. The Steam Machine box would feature the beta hardware of course, a prototype Steam controller, HDMI, USB and power power cables, a USB Steam OS recovery thumbdrive and a removable Wi-Fi antenna module. Valve has also ensured that the beta machine remains serviceable, where it features disassembly instructions that have been shown off in an accurate manner in the device’s instruction manual, in the manner where the folks over at IKEA would also be proud.

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