Breathalyzers are tools and they serve one purpose, which is to test the blood alcohol levels of a person to determine if they might be over or under the legal limit, which is why there really is no need to make it look fancy as long as it gets the job done. Then again we suppose it can’t hurt for tools like that to look good, right? Well that’s pretty much what the Lapka is trying to do by creating a rather slick and elegant looking breathalyzer, words which we’d never thought we’d use to describe such a device.

However unlike typical breathalyzers that require a straw like device to blow into, the Lapka does not. Basically you hold the device in your hands and blow into it for four seconds in order to get a reading. There is even an accompanying iOS and Android app that lets you check your levels and provide even further customization options. While we don’t advice you to use this as evidence that you haven’t been drinking, it can be fun at parties and can also be handy to check to see what level you are at, just to get an idea to see if it might be wise for you to keep drinking or to take a break.

Priced at $200, the Lapka isn’t cheap and if you have a minute or so to spare, check out the video above for the rather interesting ad that accompanies it.

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