ToshibaIt was a couple of years ago when companies such as HTC and LG attempted to released 3D smartphones. Presumably this was to capitalize on the popularity of the Nintendo 3DS which allowed gamers to enjoy games in 3D without the need for special glasses, as well as how more movies were seeing releases in 3D as well. Safe to say that while both phones were somewhat novel in nature, they did not exactly catch on and become big hits, but it seems that Toshiba thinks that there is still a place for 3D and have recently announced a dual 5MP camera module that allows smartphone owners to produce something similar to a stereo-3D shot.

However if stereo-3D shots aren’t your thing, fret not because the module appears to do more than just that. Due to the fact that dual cameras are used, it will allow photographers to manipulate the photo digitally, such as tweaking its focus (similar to the Lytro camera) as well as erasing entire objects. The resulting image will be generated as a 13MP image, and because of this, Toshiba claims that the dual camera module will allow for thinner smartphones as well. No word on when this module will enter mass production and make its way to manufacturers, but we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more info.

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