touchless-gameThe Kinect has been proven to be one of the mainstays at NYU’s ITP Winter Show, where many projects happened to be built with the Kinect as the main center of focus. Max Ma’s Touchless that was constructed with plenty of help from Tony Lim, came with a Kinect at first, but in the final iteration, it used an OEM equivalent in order to reap the results that the creators envisioned. Basically, Touchless will feature a bunch of cameras that will work in tandem with sensors so that they will be able to track the different segments of your face, keeping track of muscle twitches as well as eyebrow raises before “translating” them into raw data.

Such data would be able to be harnessed in a wide range of applications, including the ability to unlock your door with the right combination of winks and blinks, but the main focus of Max’s creation would be to deliver music without any kind of finger or hand interaction, hence the name of the project, Touchless. This sensor can tracks anywhere from 16 to 64 points, with the latter happening under more ideal conditions, allowing you to stick your tongue out, I suppose, and create the next great sonata.

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