twitter-ad“You are what you browse” might just be Twitter’s new mantra, as the micro blogging and social media platform is looking for a new way to deliver ads which are relevant and not be a pest to your mobile experience. Basically, after going through a few months of testing, Twitter has announced the global availability of tailored audiences, which happens to be a spanking new method for advertisers to define your very own groups of existing and potential customers, all the while being able to hook up with them on Twitter using relevant messages that will not be treated with contempt, like spam.

This is made possible through your browsing history. For instance, a hotel brand intends to advertise a promotion on Twitter, and would only want to target their ads at those who have already dropped by their website. This hotel brand could then share with Twitter browser-related information (browser cookie ID) via an ads partner, where such information will be matched to Twitter accounts so that a Promoted Tweet with the relevant travel deal will show up. Do you think that such targeted ads would still be tastefully received, or will it be seen as an annoyance of sorts in the long run? Only time will be able to tell. [Press Release]

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