Twitter has been making some interesting changes to the way users can direct message one another as back in October, the service announced they would allow any of a user’s followers to send a direct message to you, without requiring you to follow them back. Twitter reversed this idea shortly after it was rolled out, but today, they’re finally taking its direct messaging feature a little more serious with a number of improvements.

Twitter updated its iPhone and Android apps today to allow users to send photos through direct messages for those images that you want to share with a specific person, but not your entire group of followers. Twitter has also made some changes to its app that now places your direct messages on the main navigation bar along with your timeline view and notifications.

Twitter also added the capability for users to swipe through different timelines on your mobile device. You’ll be able to change from your Home timeline to your Nearby, Discover and Activity timelines with just a simple swipe of the touchscreen.

Whether or not these changes will help Twitter users make full use of the service is yet to be seen, but it certainly shows the company is still trying to make its mobile apps as pain-free and easy to use as possible.

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