Valve’s Steam has been a service many PC gamers have used on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Steam has some kind of big sale going on at nearly all times, and its Steam Mobile application has certainly made it harder for those of us not glued to our computers to ignore these sales. Things are only going to get harder as Valve has announced they’ve released some updates to its Steam Mobile for iOS app.

The Steam Mobile for iOS has had its UI tweaked a bit to take advantage of the improvements Apple made to iOS 7. Users will be able to have offline chats with their friends on Steam, improved push notifications and a more streamlined friend interface that makes it much easier to see invites, nicknames, mobile or Big Picture status and even Facebook friend suggestions. As you’d expect, the update also features stability and performance fixes as well.

The new Steam Mobile for iOS app doesn’t completely adapt itself to iOS 7 as you can still see some remnants of iOS 6 sprinkled in from time to time, such as the old keyboard and the use of textured chat bubbles. Either way, if you use Steam, we’re sure you’ll be happy with today’s update regardless of those little issues.

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