wiisportsclubGolf can be said to be a rich man’s sport, and while it might have come down in price in this day and age compared to a couple of decades ago, the entry level cost is still prohibitive to many. After all, why pay for the green fees when you can just spend a few bucks for a pair of goggles and take a swim? Not only is it a whole lot more affordable, you exercise more of your body as well. Well, Wii Sports Club – Golf has just been announced, where it will join the all-star Wii Sports Club range over in the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U.

At least electronic golf is a whole lot more affordable than the real thing, never mind that you aren’t going to burn as many calories as playing the game in the actual world. Wii Sports Club – Golf will boast of special controls that rely on the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote Plus controllers. You will need to place the GamePad on the floor, where you then see the golf ball that you are about to hit shown off on the GamePad screen. After swinging the Wii Remote Plus controllers like an actual golf club, watch the ball will fly from the GamePad display to the main TV screen, and followed by the virtual course, now how about that? [Press Release]

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