Windows-Phone-Store_3While apps might technically have been around for a while, even on feature phones where one could download a limited selection of applications for their phones, it’s safe to say that it was thanks to iOS that apps really took off, which is why it is not surprising that the iTunes App Store numbers more than a million apps, along with the Google Play store for Android, showing how important and how popular apps are these days. Unfortunately for the likes of Windows Phone, apps aren’t as varied compared to iOS and Android, but the good news is that they’re slowly getting there.

According to a recent blog post published by Microsoft, it was revealed that the Windows Phone Store now boasts over 200,000 apps to date. Granted this is only a fraction of what iOS and Android has, but like we said they are slowly getting there. Microsoft has been luring and encouraging developers to develop for their platform, and their latest win would be finally getting Instagram onto Windows Phone after what seemed like an eternity. We’re not sure how long it will take for Microsoft to catch up to iOS and Android, but what do Windows Phone owners think so far? Are you starting to notice a lot more variety compared to before?

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