In the world of advertising, coming up with something that is extremely compelling could prove to be more and more challenging as the days go by, since every single day that passes will see a brand new idea crop up – meaning there is one less idea less to fish from, assuming that the number of ideas are finite in the first place. Having said that, Wired’s January 2014 issue might be something you would want to pick up at the newsstand, thanks to their partnership with Motorola.

In this edition of their magazine, you will find three LEDs, some plexiglass, a quartet of batteries as well as a bunch of buttons that will form an interactive Moto X ad which is located right smack in the middle of the magazine. The design itself allows readers to “customize” a Moto X’s back, thanks to the bright LEDs which are capable of showing the handset off in 11 colors. For instance, tapping blue would see it light up in blue, red for red, the list goes on. It will require a few seconds of inactivity for the ad to shut itself off automatically in order to maximize the battery life of the four lithium batteries. Around 150,000 copies of Wired will be circulated in New York and Chicago, featuring this interactive advertisement. It sounds like a great collector’s item to me!

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