witstarWe have seen our fair share of conceptual cars in the past, but this time around, this particular conceptual car is something worth checking out, although I don’t think that it would be too practical in places like the desert or in hot tropical countries. At China’s Guangzhou Auto Show, the WitStar happened to be a fully autonomous vehicle that comes with swiveling front seats, accompanied by massive gullwing doors as well as a dashboard that comes with its fair share of displays. Oh yeah, did we mention that it comes with a fish tank as well?

The reason that the WitStar comes with a fish tank is to prove just how safe autonomous driving can get. Guangzhou Auto believes that a crash would no doubt result in the fish tank shattering, so if you have a fish tank within, all passengers in there should have a sense of relief and safety, or so the line of reasoning goes. It does make me wonder whether there will be a separate battery to power the filters and air pump in the fish tank, at the same time finding a way to keep the water inside cool even when you are parked out under the scorching sun for hours on end so that your fish will remain alive after you have completed a hard day’s work.

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