Over the holiday weekend a lot of retailers were running special deals and offering discount pricing on a wide variety of products, including latest gadgets such as the iPad Air. A woman based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada researched for Black Friday deals and found Target’s deal the most compelling. So she bought her “new” iPad Air from Target but when she opened up the sealed box and powered up the tablet, it didn’t display a setup screen like a new iOS device normally does. Instead she ended up with a tablet that was already past the setup stage and was full of personal information, presumably of the previous owner.

Robin Crowley, who bought the iPad Air from Target, told CTV that the tablet had “hundreds” of pictures, the calendar was full of events and that there were three pages of apps that were already installed on the tablet. She also said that contact information of more than 207 people was present on the device. Robin believes that the tablet might have been used by a woman in California, it wouldn’t have been that hard to figure out given the personal information about the previous owner that was on the tablet. It could have been pretty dangerous if the information ended up in the wrong hands, it is unclear why the tablet was repacked and sold as new even though it had obviously been used before. Target Canada is yet to issue a statement on how exactly this happened. [Image via CTV]

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