wow-animalsSo, it seems that there is still some life left in the legs of the World of Warcraft franchise, where we do know that a movie is about roll out some time down the road, and even the game itself continues to receive new patches. Well, here we are with additional word from Blizzard that they will introduce a new in-game store for gamers to purchase pets as well as mounts, instead of having to rely on the out-of-game store that has served them well for so many years already.

This means you do not have to exit the game at all in order to purchase a new mount or pet, as purchasing it in-game would translate to the mount or pet appearing in your inventory right away. Even as you read this, we have gathered that there is a pretty decent sale going on for pets and mounts at the moment, which is something that you might just want to check out. Do you think that the convenience of making such purchases would be able to add to Blizzard’s coffers in the long run? Another question that I caught myself asking is this, how come Blizzard did not incorporate such an in-game store before in the past, was it due to the limitations in technology?

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