Xbox One Compatibility “Trick” Is A PrankThe Xbox One has been making a fair amount of waves on newswires recently, where someone picked up a photo of the Xbox One for 450 quid before everything else was resolved, in addition to seeing great sales numbers whether in the US or in the UK. Hence, the Xbox One can be said to be an extremely popular console, and if there is one thing that you should know about the Xbox One before making a purchase, it would be this – it will not arrive with true backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

This has not stopped people from attempting to trick other Xbox One owners to activate the previously discovered game development kit code so that one can have a go at Xbox 360 games. Microsoft has done their bit to discourage folks from using the code which will enable development features on the Xbox One, although this has not stopped a JPG image from making its appearance online with such a procedure. The thing is, this particular procedure is a dud, and it will end up bricking your shiny new console instead, which is why we have decided not to put it up in the first place. As usual, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

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