Can you believe it? We are about to kiss goodbye to 2013, and 2014 will soon be upon us like a flurry. Well, at the end of each year, most folks are rather reflective in nature, thinking about what has gone past, and there is also a renewed sense of hope for things to change for the better in the year ahead. YouTube has decided to do their bit with their annual list of some of the more memorable videos throughout the year, and considering how 80% of all views on YouTube hail from outside the US, it just goes to show how involved the global community is when it comes to driving pop culture.

The Fox has been watched more than 275 million times, which makes it the highest trending video for the year. Apart from that, record-setting numbers were hit when it came to PSY’s post-“Gangnam Style” performance. 1.7 million plus of DIY “Harlem Shake” videos were uploaded, numbering more than the souls living in Manhattan. As part of the celebration of the aforementioned moments, over 60 top creators on YouTube decided to collaborate on a video for everyone which you can enjoy above. It is stuff like this from YouTube that we love, not violation warnings served to gaming channels. [Press Release]

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