tinderThe other day we reported that 6tindr, the unofficial Tinder app for Windows Phone, had been released. The app was developed by Rudy Huyn, a developer well-known in the Windows Phone circles for creating and releasing unofficial apps for the Windows Phone platform, apps that the original developers might have forgotten or not bothered to release for Windows Phone. In any case it looks like Tinder is not too happy about Huyn’s activities and have since requested the app to be removed from the Windows Phone store after complaining to Microsoft about it. Granted that 6tindr is based on Tinder, we guess the developers aren’t too thrilled about unofficial versions which could have the potential to tarnish their reputation.

However according to Huyn who wrote a short letter to Tinder, “If you want me to remove 6tindr from the Windows Phone Store I will respect your wishes, however I appeal to you that we work together so we can provide your new Windows Phone users – who are clearly passionate about using your service – with an awesome Tinder experience. I request that you please allow me the pleasure of helping you grow the popularity of Tinder within the Windows Phone community. I feel that together we can do great things for Windows Phone users, and I’d love to assist in any way possible to help bring an official Tinder app to Windows Phone.” Fair enough, don’t you guys think?

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