Alicia Keys And BlackBerry To Part WaysWhat do you guys think of celebrities endorsing tech-related products? Well if you are a fan of Alicia Keys and if you jumped aboard the BlackBerry bandwagon because of her position as Global Creative Director, you might be disappointed to learn that Keys will be officially stepping down from her role come January 30th 3014, which is exactly a year from when she began with the launch of BlackBerry 10 back in 2013. It is unclear why she is stepping down, perhaps it could be due to the new direction that BlackBerry is headed, or it could be due to scheduling conflicts, but either way her role will be coming to an end. Some have speculated that it might be a conflict due to what she thought her role might be.

According to sources, Keys wanted a more operations oriented role, as opposed to a marketing one, and given her celebrity status, naturally BlackBerry would want to have her in the forefront and make use of her fame to help generate more buzz for the company. While Keys might not have been very prominent in BlackBerry she did help with the launch of several BlackBerry initiatives, such as the BlackBerry Scholars Program which helped to bring more focus to women in the tech world. How do you guys feel about Keys leaving her position in the company? Would BlackBerry have been better off hiring Justin Bieber?

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