Alienware Steam Machine Can Be Upgraded After AllA couple of days ago, we reported that Alienware’s Steam Machine will not be able to be upgraded, which then raised a fair number of legitimate questions. After all, not being able to upgrade your computer simply does not make much sense at all, since PC games do not work that way unlike consoles. It also provides users with the flexibility to perform incremental upgrades without having to purchase a brand new system every few years. We are then glad to announce that Alienware has turned on their previous announcement, where users can upgrade their Steam Machines, but with a caveat – it will not be easy.

According to Senior Vice President Frank Azor, “The Alienware Steam Machine, announced at CES, is designed to deliver a great gaming experience in the living room and we will enable customers to upgrade components. Considering we’ve purposefully designed the Alienware Steam Machine to be smaller than the latest generation consoles, upgrading the internal components will not be as easy as compared to other platforms, such as the Alienware X51, but we will not prevent a customer from upgrading.”

Well, there’s that – right from the horse’s mouth, so fret not about this particular piece of gaming hardware being stuck as it is like a regular console.

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