654781480_5e229f56_imageSo we know that according to LG, there is an LG G Pro 2 which will be the successor to last year’s LG G Pro, the South Korean company’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. That being said while we do know of the device’s existence, its specs and how it actually looks like remains something of a mystery, at least until recently where a pair of alleged LG G Pro 2 photos was leaked and made their way onto the internet, courtesy of a post on the DC Inside forum in South Korea. The photos aren’t much to look at and for all we know could have been easily photoshopped, but until proven otherwise, we’ll assume, with a degree of skepticism, that these are indeed photos of the upcoming handset.

654781480_9f6a95f8_032152_15424Like we said the photos don’t really tell much of the story and just gives us a hint at the design of the back of the handset along with its side profile. Although the buttons at the back of the handset are reminiscent of the LG G2 so it looks like LG might be keeping the same design and functionality. The photos also don’t tell us how big the handset might be, but according to the rumors, it is said to be of the 6-inch variety and could feature a Full HD 1080p display. It has also been rumored to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and could possibly support LTE-A networks (such as the ones in South Korea). Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully more will be revealed at MWC 2014.

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