xperia-z2-uiYou can say that the Sony Sirius, also known as the Xperia Z2 or the Sony D6503, has been on the receiving end of its fair amount of rumors in recent times – mostly dealing with hardware issues, but this time around, we have a leak of the purported Android 4.3 screenshots that allegedly hail from the yet unreleased Sony Sirius which you can see above.


It is said that Sony’s KitKat update would not be a small one, and the alleged image of its screenshot does seem to agree. After all, there seems to be plenty of new features thrown into the mix, where among them include 4K recording (imagine the image sensor that comes with this bad boy to achieve such a feat), Timeshift video support, smart backlight control, a couple of home launchers, and USB DAC support among others. I suppose there is one thing that cannot be denied, and that would be this – the Sony Sirius, when released, would be a pretty difficult smartphone to ignore.

I do hope that it will arrive with water resistant capability as well as with its predecessors, since Sony has more or less perfected such an “art” down to a “T” without bulking up their previous releases and working great when it rains or when you need to capture a shot of your aquarium while submerged.

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