Over the past few weeks we have covered many rumors about upcoming Apple products, there hasn’t been much talk about a new MacBook Air. Its likely that Apple is going to released a refreshed lineup of its notebooks at some point later this year, but what’s unclear at this point in time is that whether it will also offer an entirely new display size just so the Air lineup can also jump on the retina display bandwagon. Analyst Daniel Matte certainly thinks so, he believes that an 11.8 inch MacBook Air makes perfect sense for Apple.

He makes a compelling case for the 11.8 inch MacBook Air, saying that the display can offer 2,732×1,536 pixel resolution with the exact same pixel density as the 9.7 inch Retina iPad: ~264 pixels per inch. Theoretically speaking, it would make sense for Apple to use the same display technology that its already using for the 9.7 inch iPads and simply cut panels into a larger size. Matte believes that the 11.8 inch MacBook Air might be a redesign of the existing 11 inch model, with smaller bezels. Last year we did hear chatter about a 12 inch MacBook Air, but it died down soon after that. Apple too hasn’t dropped any hints of slapping on a retina display to the MacBook Air, so for all we know, this may just be an analyst grasping at straws. Then again, I’m sure there quite a few people out there who would like to have a retina display on their MacBook Air. Would you?

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