spying-birdsIt seems that birds are not the only ones who get angry – hackers too, have emotions. They are human after all, and a bunch of hackers have defaced the official Angry Birds website earlier today, citing them as Spying Birds with the NSA logo located right smack on the forehead of the red bird. This defacement of the website came about after reports that both of the U.S. and U.K. intelligence agencies have been gathering user information from the Angry Birds game as well as other popular mobile apps. Rovio, however, has stepped forward to claim that they have not allowed the NSA to spy on Angry Bird gamers.

This particular attack has a very high probability of being attributed to a DNS (Domain Name System) attack, as the site’s name servers were switched with others – which are obviously under the control of the hackers. Saara Bergström, vice president of marketing communications at Rovio Entertainment, was quick to respond, saying, “The defacement was caught in minutes and corrected immediately. The end user data was in no risk at any point.”

Has all of this news actually made you more wary of getting or upgrading a smartphone to the latest model? Perhaps it might be better to live off the grid for a while and remain disconnected.

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