apple-logo3Apple seems to have some kind of protective charm when it comes to their legal battles, winning cases and successfully defending them, even though it would seem that everyone is out to get them (and vice versa, we suppose). In their latest victory, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that Apple did not infringe upon Motorola’s patents. For those hearing about this for the first time, it was back in 2010 pre-Google acquisition when Motorola filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly infringing upon six of its patents. Naturally Apple attempted to defend themselves and back in 2013, the ITC ruled that Apple was not in violation of any of those patents, and the recent ruling by the US Court of Appeals basically upholds that decision.

Unsurprisingly Motorola’s plan was to get an injunction against Apple’s iPhone devices and since the iPhone is manufactured overseas, they were hoping that the ITC would be able to grant them such an injunction that would prevent Apple from importing and selling their products in the US market. According to a statement released by Motorola after the ruling was handed down, “We’re disappointed in this decision and are evaluating our options.” While we doubt that is the end of that, hopefully Apple and Samsung will managed to come to some sort of agreement during their meeting in February over settlement talks, which hopefully will put an end to one of the biggest patent wars we’ve seen to date.

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