Apples Lucky Bag Contents RevealedWe had earlier reported that Apple will be taking part in the traditional “Lucky Bags” sale over in Japan. This is a tradition that takes place all over Japan where retailers offer up bags stuffed with mysterious goods that customers can purchase at discounted prices. Sometimes some customers walk away with something worth a lot more, while sometimes they might walk away with something only a little bit more, but either way they do walk away with a deal. Well turns out that Apple has been pretty generous with their Lucky Bags in 2014 as there have been reports of customers walking about with an 11” MacBook Air!

These Lucky Bags are priced around $340 and the bag that is worth the most contained an 11” MacBook Air, an Apple Magic Mouse, Pill Speaker by Beats, a red MacBook Air jacket, an Apple t-shirt, along with an assortment of smaller items. Pretty damn good deal, don’t you think? Other Lucky Bags contained items such as a WiFi version of the iPad Air, the first-generation iPad min, seventh-generation iPod nanos, along with other accessories such as Smart Covers, Philips Hue start kit, a Nike+ FuelBand SE, speakers, and more.

It’s a pity that Apple does not hold events like these in other parts of the world, but then again we can imagine that by holding events like this all over the world, it could cut into Apple’s profit margin quite a bit. Any of our readers in Japan managed to get their hands on one of Apple’s Lucky Bags this year?

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