asus-nexus73There are many companies working on smartwatches at the moment. We have companies like Samsung with their Galaxy Gear, Motorola, Sony, Pebble, and there are even rumors that companies such as Apple and Google could be interested in the smartwatch game as well. Now it looks like Taiwanese company ASUS will be entering the fray in the future, according to statements made by the company’s chairman, Jonney Shih, where he revealed that ASUS will be workin on creating a feature packed smartwatch.

Shih’s comments only serve to echo what ASUS promised their investors back in 2013, which was that the company would be working towards unveiling a host of wearable devices during Computex 2014 which will be taking place in the middle of the year. While it remains unclear as to what sort of features ASUS’ smartwatch will pack, Shih mentions that such a device that has no special features will not be useful and we can’t help but agree. After all apart from the novelty of being able to check our messages and emails via our wrists, there’s not much else to a smartwatch that would make someone want to go out and get one.

To that extent Shih promises that ASUS will be doing whatever it takes to create a product that is special enough where wearers will be more than happy to replace their traditional watches with it.

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