first-arbedeen-busAn efficient and affordable public transport should be considered to be an essential item on the list of any citizen, as fuel prices continue to soar while the cost of maintaining a car is not exactly the most affordable part of one’s monthly budget for the ordinary man on the street. Having said that, some countries like Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong have an efficient public transport system, while other countries are still finding it difficult to achieve a balance. Sometimes, thinking out of the box is required, and in an effort to attract even more folks to take the bus in Aberdeen, Scotland, augmented reality technology has been implemented at the backs of the bus seats so that passengers will be able to view interactive videos whenever they scan the trigger using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

These onboard entertainment systems were first installed on a fleet of First Aberdeen buses that will also boast free Wi-Fi connectivity, now how about that? In order to take advantage of the interactive videos, passengers are required to first download the free First Scotland augmented reality app from Google Play or the App Store, before they will be able to scan the trigger. Makes riding a whole lot more fun, doesn’t it?

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