Festo Engineering of Germany has been looking into how nature works, and they have come up with a range of flying robots which will be able to mimic the motions of birds and dragonflies. Take what you see in the video above for example – where it features the BionicOpter, which happens to be a large version of a dragonfly, where it is capable of hovering and to fly in any direction, making it almost like the real deal – except that it is far more terrifying if you are able to equip it with weapons. Not only that, the BionicOpter is capable of gliding its way through mid-air without having to beat its wings, which is pretty impressive to say the least.

Apart from that, there is also the SmartBird robot which has been touted to be developed after successfully deciphering the flight of birds, which Festo Engineering claims is “one of the oldest dreams of humankind.” Now, if only the folks at Festo Engineering are able to solve the other remaining oldest dream of humankind – that is, to create gold out of iron.

A robotic army does not seem too far fetched actually, and just how soon will we see one in action? I suspect the day is not far away.

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