bluetooth-pendantSmart cars, smartphones, smart homes, how about smart jewelry? This is certainly an idea worth looking into, although you can be quite sure that the jewelry itself is not going to come cheap in the first place simply because it is valuable on its own. Having said that, CSR (developers of Bluetooth Smart) and Cellini (boutique jewelry designers) have come together to roll out an elegant silver pendant which is touted to fulfill its role as a piece of bling even when the battery decides to give up the ghost.

The Bluetooth Smart Jewelry Pendant will right now remain a prototype device, where it will alert the wearer to mobile events using a simple RGB LED display. As for the alert color, it will be displayed in green, and can be customizable by the user. Apart from that, CSR also did mention that this particular device can be extended to incorporate scent capsules so that it will be able to release a spray of perfume at selected times of the day. The thing is, this function has yet to be integrated into the first set of prototypes.

CSR hopes to introduce a development kit for the 1012 chip sometime in the first quarter of this year, and will this be the advent of similar devices being worked upon by designers and makers sometime in the future?

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