appleconfirmationWhen Apple officially announced the availability of their new Mac Pros, they estimated it would be released towards the end of December 2013, but either due to production problems or due to there a higher than expected demand, shipping times of the Mac Pros have begun to slip, with reports claiming that in-store availability might only happen in March or April this year. Well the good news for some customers is that their build-to-order Mac Pros have recently had their status change to “Preparing for shipping”, which is usually a day before the actual shipment goes out, meaning that it might not take long before they actually receive their orders.

Due to custom orders require Apple to prepare different configurations, it naturally takes longer than if one were to just order a stock unit from Apple’s online store. However we guess Apple has managed to maintain its production and it looks like some build-to-order Mac Pro units are slowly making their way from Apple’s production facility into the eager hands on customers. The Mac Pro is Apple’s first product that will be assembled in the United States. Previously Apple had turned to companies overseas, namely China, to piece together their products like the iPhone and iPad, but it was with the Mac Pro that Apple had started to bring some of their jobs back to the US.

It is possible that with their Austin, Texas facility being new and all, they might not be as up to speed compared to factories in China who have gotten used to the pace and demand required by Apple over the years. Either way if any of our readers have received their Mac Pros, let us know in the comments below on how it is treating you!

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