cadbury-joy-jacketThe advances of technology has certainly gone a long way, so much so that ad agencies have a greater degree of freedom and flexibility to change the way we do things, especially when it comes to getting the message across to the masses. Having said that, wearable technology has become a new hot testbed for technology, in addition to being an avenue (or some say, an excuse) to come up with novel and exciting experiences for brands. Case in point, the Cadbury Joy Jackets that was commissioned by PR agency Golin Harris as well as developed by the creatives at Hirsch&Mann, happen to be an interesting set of jackets which will be able to perform just about anything and everything.

Basically, the Cadbury Joy Jacket is able to “talk”, light up, inflate, and heck – just for the fun of it, shoot confetti. I suppose the modern day road warrior would then look at this and wonder whether it is connected to the Internet in any way, which it doesn’t, unfortunately. This is a rather over-the-top project for sure, and hopefully it will have some space in its pockets to carry some delicious Cadbury chocolates within. What are some of the zanier fashion technology mix that you have seen so far?

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