The Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Liantong have joined forces with China’s government to launch the first officially approved Linux based OS, aptly called the China Operating System. It hasn’t been said if HTC played a part, though it was rumored last year that the company was working on a OS just for the country. This open source OS is claimed to have been “entirely independently” developed, with the sole aim being to break the monopoly of foreign operating systems, namely Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the likes.

China Operating System is claimed to provide better localization for language input, monetization and various cloud services. During the launch event, various flaws of the foreign operating systems were put under the spotlight, iOS was called out for being a closed ecosystem, and both Windows Phone and Android were criticized for poor security, the latter also got some flak for fragmentation. Even though the OS is claimed to have been independently developed, one can’t help but notice the visual similarity to Android. The OS doesn’t come with any outstanding new features, though it might be better suited to cater to the Chinese market. It isn’t known right now when the first device powered by China Operating System is going to be released.

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