china-internetThey say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when it comes to China’s so called “Great Firewall”, it seems that there was a failure recently, and the door was opened to millions to surf as freely as they wanted to. The cause for this monumental failure (I do wonder whether any party heads are going to roll or not after this) has not yet been determined, although it is widely believed that human error happened to be the cause of this particular glitch.

The formidable Great Firewall has been doing pretty well all this while, blocking access to different kinds of web services as well as what the government deem to be threats to the nation. A glitch that happened today redirected millions of Web users in China to the home page of Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT), which ironically is a company that actually sells technology so that those living in China will be able to get around the firewall. How about that for karma, eh?

As to whether this is the result of a successful act from an unknown source, or whether it was due to human error, remains to be seen. Thing is, hopefully folks made the most of it during the window of opportunity?

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