If there is one thing about LEGO bricks, it is this – they are virtually able to be anything, limited only by your imagination as well as the number of pieces available. I suppose this is somewhat akin to programming as well, where you have certain functions available, and with the right technical know how, you too, would be able to program some of the other functions that you would like to use. This is the basis for Build with Chrome, which happens to be a collaboration between Chrome and the LEGO Group that relied on WebGL, a 3D graphics technology, to be brought to life.

Originally developed by a team in Australia as part of an experiment, Build with Chrome is now opened to all and sundry, allowing you to publish your wacky creations on just about any unoccupied plot of land in the world. Additional features have been thrown into the mix to make life easier for one to build and explore this digital world of LEGO creations, where to begin you will first need to sign in with a Google+ account in order to locate the different kinds of stuff that folks in your circles have already created.

You can also take advantage of your hands to build your creations as long as the device you’re using has touchscreen capability, as long as there is Chrome for Android support for WebGL on devices that feature high-end graphics capabilities. [Press Release]

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