syrian-electronic-armyThe Syrian Electronic Army (SEA for short) does not seem as though they are about to let up anytime soon, where Twitter accounts are still being compromised. The fourth attack of this month saw CNN’s Twitter account fall into the hands of the Syrian Electronic Army at approximately 6:00 PM eastern time today. CNN’s blog happened to be accessed without any authorization by this group of ‘hacktivists’ who claim to be aligned with Syria’s Assad regime. The tweets were deleted not too long after, but with the way the Internet is these days, it did not take too long before screenshots of the hack surfaced.

Needless to say, the SEA did express their displeasure at CNN’s reporting as well as the US government’s reaction towards the conflict in Syria. Matthew Keys, a former social media editor for Reuters, cited that the SEA could have gained access through a phishing attack on a Hootsuite account that is connected to the organization. This of course, remains unconfirmed as at press time, but it does provide some food for thought as to the different methods that the SEA employed in order to gain access to accounts in their previous attacks. It all seems to be pretty normal these days, hacks and unauthorized entries.

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