metro-north-railroadApparently, trains across all three lines of the Metro-North Railroad has stopped in their tracks this evening due to computer problems. It is a good thing that this has nothing to do with the holiday season rush, but any time that a public transport service in a huge city is not working is still going to create quite a mess. In fact, thousands of commuters were stranded because of this issue, according to transportation officials. These trains came to a grinding halt at approximately 7.45pm on the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines because of safety concerns. If you were at the Grand Central Terminal, it was packed to the rafters with commuters waiting for trains that do not seem to be arriving anytime soon.

I suppose there is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud, and as officials continue to work to fix the computer problems so that everyone else will be able to go home safe and sound (albeit tired, obviously), it is comforting to know that both heat and lighting on the affected trains continued to function normally. It remains to be seen just how long will it take for the computer glitch to be fixed, but those who are in there, hang tough!

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