We’re sure many of you guys have heard of Snapchat by now. If you haven’t, it’s basically an app that allows users to send photos to one another which are deleted automatically after a certain amount of time, making it the perfect app for sexting and for photos you’d rather not have seen by others. Well if you thought that making photos disappear after a short period of time was a good idea, what about disappearing text? That’s where an app called Confide comes in. Launched on Tuesday, some are calling this app the “Snapchat for professionals”, due to the apps ability to automatically delete text messages after they are read.

Sure, one could always manually delete messages and photos but what if you forgot? We guess this is where automation comes in. Put together by Jon Brod, a former AOL exec, and Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext, the duo are hoping that Confide will appeal to business executives who might want to discuss sensitive information, such as upcoming products or services, or financials, without the information being seen by others snooping around their phone. According to Lerman (via Businessweek), “Confide doesn’t store any messages on its servers, it doesn’t have the ability to retrieve them if a company, or the National Security Agency, comes knocking.” 

Just like Snapchat, Confide has built in safety procedures preventing screenshots from being taken. Of course we expect that due to its secretive nature, the app will bound to find use outside of business circles. In the meantime to see how the app works, check out the video above.

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