article-2531640-1A5BEBCD00000578-529_634x549When it comes to choosing a smartphone platform, there are definitely stereotypes involved and that’s definitely a debate for another time, but according to a recent study, which is sure to raise a few eyebrows and spark some intense arguments, it seems that iPhone users are found to be smarter compared to other brands and platforms. This is a study conducted by British betting company, Ladbrokes. The test involved about 1,000 respondees where they were first asked which smartphone were they using, followed by a series of questions involving problem solving, pattern recognition, and other brain teasers.

The results found that iPhone owners had the quickest wits and an average completion time of 94 seconds. Unfortunately it was found that BlackBerry users did the worst and were the slowest with a completion time of 118 seconds. Samsung users did slightly better with an average completion time of 103 seconds. Like we said this is a study bound to cause arguments and is pretty controversial, but it’s hardly a scientific study and as an Android user, I hardly found it to be offensive. One of the reasons the test should not be taken seriously is also because there is no penalty for wrong answers as users could simply keep clicking until they got the right one.

In any case it’s just a fun quiz that you can use to poke fun at your BlackBerry friends with, depending on which platform you are using, and should definitely not be taken seriously!

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