D-Link Network Video Recorder DNR-312L

dlink-DNR-312L[CES 2014] With ever greater storage capacity at hand, the home and small business video recording market is growing steadily but remains largely untapped when compared to more established markets like routers or even network attached storage. The D-Link Network Video Recorder (NVR) DNR-312L has been designed to be relatively easy to setup since D-Link develops the IP (Internet Protocol) cameras and the video recorder itself.

The DNR-312L offers up to 4TB of storage capacity and allows a setup in which the video is recorded locally (from up to 9 cameras), while the cameras are viewable from anywhere on the Internet, via smartphones, tablet or computers, thanks to the MyDlink.com portal.

One of the unique things about the The D-Link Network Video Recorder is that it can connect directly to a monitor via HDMI in case the user wants to visually monitor what’s going on. Since it doesn’t need a computer, this reduces the cost, but also the setup complexity because there is no computer software to install.

The big advantage of a solution like this is the cost: there are simpler cloud-based video recording options like Dropcam, but their cost of hardware and of recording is often deemed too high by users. It’s not a complete Apples to Apples comparison, but in the end, the budget is often the limiting factor in the final decision. The DNR-312L starts at $379.99 but more commercial details will be available from D-Link’s site.

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