origin-eaThere are a few different gaming platforms at the moment for PC gamers, such as Valve’s Steam and EA’s Origin, just to name a few. In fact Valve’s Gabe Newell recently boasted that Steam had 65 million users, but it looks like EA is not about to let Valve hog the limelight as they have recently released an infographic in which they are claiming that they have more than 50 million registered accounts, of which their gamers have managed to clock about 61 billion minutes in gaming in 2013 alone! If you’re wondering how long 61 billion minutes are in terms of hours, days, or years, that works out to be about 11,5981 years. Yikes!

EA managed to arrive at those numbers based on 1.3 billion gaming sessions, which after doing a bit more math, has resulted in an average gameplay time of 45 minutes per session, with gamers managing to unlock about 159 million achievements and holding about 300 million chat conversations too. Phew, those are a lot of numbers! Unfortunately EA did not mention how many users they had registered with Origin, but like we said earlier, it’s probably over 50 million since it was back in July of 2013 that EA revealed those numbers, so we can only assume with the addition of new games, the user count should be on the rise, unless of course EA’s snafu with games like Battlefield 4 and SimCity have caused Origin users to abandon ship.

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