evernote-syncThe wonders of a cloud connection ensures that your work and files will be able to be synchronized regardless of the device that you’re using at that point in time, as long as it is compatible with the app itself, not to mention having a decent Internet connection. Evernote is a productivity tool that has proven itself worthy over the years, and in the latest version of Evernote Sync, it is touted to be four times faster than ever before, ensuring that the entire slew of your notes will remain synchronized across the phones and computers that you use without sweating it. Basically, this is one particular app that you can safely say, “It just works”, and we’re glad to bring you word that it works faster than ever before now.

Synchronizing files is not as simple as it sounds, as there are five variables to take into consideration – the number of notes in your account, the average size of resources (images, PDFs, files), the number of users simultaneously syncing on the same server, the number of devices you use, and the amount of collaboration with your notes and notebooks, which is why a fundamental redesign was introduced to the server-side sync engines, ensuring that this faster speed can be achieved without you, the end user, realizing anything hs changed on the surface. Pretty cool, no? [Press Release]

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