facebook_logoThere is one very big question that one would ask, “How does one monetize Facebook to the maximum?” Well, in June last year, Facebook rolled out a tracking pixel, which is a snippet of code that enables advertisers to keep track of customers who drop by their websites from Facebook ads. It seemed to have benefited some of the smaller industries that are in the market, which is a good thing. It offers consumers yet another option when it comes to the world of online advertising, and the tracking pixel happens to be one of the changes that Facebook has done when it comes to its advertising tools.

With the tracking pixel, advertisers are able to specify various objectives, where among them include increasing traffic to a website, being able to encourage more “Likes”, or perhaps converting more sales. Facebook did admit that to a certain extent, these changes were made because over 25 million small businesses were active on its site, with just a million plus doing their advertising there. In short, it is attempting to bring the game to Google’s AdWords program. This is a good thing, actually, as consumers end up with a greater degree of choice to be able to bring their business to the next level.

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