ff6-androidThe Final Fantasy franchise is one that has legions of fans worldwide, and it is safe to say that many gaming platforms in the past have already featured one title from the franchise at the very least, although this is but a generalization. Now that there is more than enough processing power on the smartphone to be able to run more complex and better looking games, we are pleased to announce that Final Fantasy VI has arrived on the Android platform today in a fully remastered format.

The name Square Enix would surely ring a bell, as this is the company behind the Final Fantasy series, and they have confirmed that Final Fantasy VI will arrive on the Google Play Store on January 15th. Final Fantasy happens to be one of the few gaming franchises that feature a deep storyline that will suck you in, not to mention engaging gameplay for a RPG. Each title ought to deliver a fair number of hours of gameplay, giving you more than your money’s worth, as well as epic battles with dazzling graphics. Final Fantasy VI for Android would arrive in a remastered format compared to the original one which rolled out for the PlayStation all those years back.

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