ff6-unbeatableIt is nearly a week ago when we reported that Final Fantasy VI was about to make its way to the Android mobile operating system, and after six days, how has the experience been? One thing is for sure, I am quite confident that many people picked up this title for nostalgia’s sake, and for those who breezed through the game as memories came flooding back, they discovered much to their own chagrin that Final Fantasy VI had a game-breaking glitch. Yes sir, this 20-year old game that had been ported over to the Android platform sports a glitch that happens around 50% into the game, when you are in a fight between Kefka and General Leo in Thamasa. If our memories serve us right, Kefka was supposed to kill Leo, but he “kills” the game instead.

Square Enix has already confirmed the existence of such a bug in an update on the Google Play store, and have promised that they will roll out a fix in due time – hopefully sooner rather than later, of course. The future fix should be able to ensure that the game will not crash any more during the cutscene that depicts the battle between Kefka and General Leo, while the icon for Sabin’s Blitz ability is displayed correctly. Apart from that, Grammar Nazis will be pleased to note that a misspelling of the term “Esper” has been corrected.

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