In November last year Microsoft finally launched its much awaited gaming console, the Xbox One. In 2013 alone, Microsoft was able to sell three million units of the console, and that figure is bound to go further up in the new year. Launching a product that millions of people around the world are anxiously waiting for is no easy task and there are bound to be a few problems. Several Xbox One owners have complained about the console’s social features, and they will be happy to know that Microsoft plans to fix them in the first major Xbox One update.

In an interview with Engadget, chief product officer of Xbox Marc Whitten said that the company knows few social features are hidden or even harder to use than they were on the Xbox 360, which is why its first major update is going to fix “the Live experience.” Whitten says that he takes complaints against the troublesome Live experience quite personally, given that he has been pivotal in building Xbox Live for over a decade. He says that improving the experience is now a theme that Microsoft will really push on. Whitten also touched on the subject of game streaming, the service has already been delayed, and the company doesn’t seem to have any immediate plans of rolling it out.

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