fitbit-forcePlanning on getting one of those fitness bands like the Fitbit Force? Well if you are, here’s something you might want to consider. According to a smattering of reports, it seems that Fitbit Force owners are suffering from a series of rashes on their wrist where the device is worn. Other ailments include blisters and peeling skin. Of course one cannot place the blame solely on Fitbit since there are a variety of reasons that might cause this, which is exactly what the company has stated when they released a statement to The Huffington Post where they claim that sensitivity to materials like stainless steel, nickel, or the band’s elastomer are all valid reasons as to why some users are experiencing skin irritations.

However it seems that for the most part, most of the people who have written in to complain follow a particular pattern in which they are able to enjoy the fitness band for a couple of weeks, and after a few charges, they start to notice redness on their skin which is under the main part of the device sits, such as its sensors, battery, display, and charging port. Some tried to rectify the problem themselves by wiping the band down with alcohol to kill any bacteria, but it seems to either make matters worse or completely not help at all. According to a statement released by the company, they claim they are looking into the matter and are more than happy to issue a refund or replace the device for another. Any of our readers out there own a Fitbit Force device and are suffering from the same ailments?

In light if this, Fitbit has contacted Ubergizmo with an official response:

We are looking into reports from a very limited number of Fitbit Force users who have been experiencing skin irritation, possibly as a result of an allergy to nickel, an element of surgical-grade stainless steel used in the device.

We suggest that consumers experiencing any irritation discontinue using the product and contact Fitbit at if they have additional questions. Customers may also contact Fitbit for an immediate refund or replacement with a different Fitbit product.

We are sorry that even a few consumers have experienced these problems and assure you that we are looking at ways to modify the product so that anyone can wear the Fitbit Force comfortably. We will continue to update our customers with the latest information.

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